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BPI Becomes An IEMA Approved Training Centre

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BPI Consultancy Limited Approved as IEMA Training Centre, Expanding Offerings in Environmental Management Training

BPI Consultancy Limited a leading provider of business-to-business training solutions, is thrilled to announce its recent approval as an IEMA Training Centre. This accreditation allows BPI to deliver the highly acclaimed IEMA Certified courses, including the Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management, Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce, and Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers.

As an IEMA Training Centre, BPI joins a prestigious network of organizations dedicated to promoting excellence and best practices in environmental management. The International Environmental Management Association (IEMA) is a globally recognized professional body that sets the standard for environmental practitioners and provides training and certification for professionals in the field.

The newly approved courses are designed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills required to navigate the increasingly complex challenges of environmental sustainability. The IEMA Certified: Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is an excellent starting point for individuals who wish to develop a solid understanding of environmental principles, regulations, and best practices. It serves as a solid foundation for those seeking to embark on a career in environmental management.

The IEMA Certified: Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce is tailored for employees across various industries, providing them with the tools to integrate sustainable practices into their daily work routines. This course enhances awareness, enabling participants to contribute to the broader sustainability goals of their organizations.

For managers and leaders seeking to drive change and implement sustainable strategies within their organizations, the IEMA Certified: Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers is the ideal choice. This course focuses on empowering managers with the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to embed environmental sustainability into decision-making processes and drive positive change at all levels.

"We are delighted to become an IEMA Training Centre and offer these esteemed courses to our clients," said Mark Adams, Director of Delivery at BPI. "Environmental sustainability is a critical aspect of responsible business practices, and these courses will equip professionals with the necessary tools to make a positive impact on their organizations and the world at large. We are committed to delivering high-quality training that empowers individuals and businesses to achieve their sustainability goals."

BPI Consultancy is known for its industry-leading expertise, delivering training solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses in an increasingly environmentally conscious world. The IEMA certification further enhances BPI's reputation as a trusted provider of comprehensive training programs and solidifies its commitment to promoting sustainable practices within the business community.

For more information about the IEMA Certified courses offered by BPI Consultancy or to enrol in a training program, please visit or contact Hayley Morris at 01685 884175

BPI acknowledges the support of the Pen Y Cymoedd Community Fund in obtaining this accreditation.