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How Difficult Is It To Pass IOSH Managing Safely?

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The IOSH Managing Safely will give you a great start in understanding the practical actions you need to be able to deal with health and safety in your team.

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) we get about how hard it is to pass the course.

How hard is the course?

Anyone should be able to take and pass the IOSH Managing Safely course.  The course is at level 2, and therefore suitable for team leaders, supervisors and managers. You don’t need any prior health and safety knowledge, but a good standard of English is recommended.

You will be provided with IOSH approved course materials, given relevant examples and our trainer will give you high quality support and guidance.  Passing the course should be comfortably within anyone’s reach.

However, it is essential that you dedicate time for studying.  You will need to revise the course content in preparation for the final assessment.

How difficult are the IOSH Managing Safely exams?

The exams are really more of an assessment to ensure that you have understood both the practical and theoretical aspects of the course.  At the conclusion of the course there is 60 minute short answer/multiple-choice test made up of 30 questions.

There is also a short risk assessment project, based on a risk assessment that must be carried out in the workplace. This must be completed within 2 weeks of completing the course.

The maximum score in the multiple choice section is 60 marks and in the Risk Assessment 38. In order to pass the course you must score 36/60 and 23/38 respectively.

During the course you will do two short mock assessment papers, in order to get a feel for the types and format of the questions in the final paper.  You will also get the opportunity to complete a draft risk assessment paper and get feedback before the end of the course.

Provided you have understood the concepts and examples in the course materials, done some revision and apply what you have learnt in your test and practical assessment there is no reason why you cannot pass as thousands of others have done.

Where and when do I take my exams and when will I get my results?

You will take the multiple choice test, in the training room, once your tutor has covered all of the course material.  You will the have 2 weeks to complete and submit your risk assessment project.  This may be submitted in person, by post or email.  Your tutor will give you the necessary address details and the submission date, at the end of the course.

If you have passed you will receive your Certificate approximately 8 to 10 weeks after completing the course.