Classification of Goods – Using Tariff & Commodity Codes

Name of Course
Classification of Goods – Using Tariff & Commodity Codes
Course Aim
The correct classification of goods using commodity and tariff codes is fundamental for customs compliance, establishing correct duty rates, origin of goods, intrastat, export control, security and many other customs procedures. Using the most appropriate code is the legal obligation of the trader and should not be delegated to other parties or agents.
Target Audience
The course will benefit exporting and importing staff, sales, purchasing, finance, shipping and banking personnel.
Course Objectives
HMRC expect traders to establish codes by using through a reasoned in house documented process. An objective of this course is to provide organisations with the necessary resources to demonstrate compliance with this requirement.

We will consider the terminology used and the structure of the Harmonised System, Commodity and Tariff codes. It will examine the General Interpretative Rules that are used for classification and the tools and resources available to assist in the establishment of the most appropriate code. 

Course Overview
  • The uses of commodity and tariff codes
  • The need for a process of classification
  • The harmonised system of classification
  • Information required for classification
  • General interpretive rules
  • Classifying difficult goods
  • The use of binding tariff information
Format of Delivery
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