HACCP – Level 2

Name of Course
Level 2 HACCP
Course Aim
The aim of this course is to introduce the concept of HACCP and to develop an understanding of and the ability to apply HACCP principles practically in food and food related businesses in order to ensure effective food safety.
Target Audience
All persons employed in food and food related business who need to have an understanding of HACCP. It is particularly useful for those involved in the implementation and maintenance of HACCP and individuals who are, or intend to become, members of HACCP teams.
Course Objectives
HACCP is a system management procedure that enables food handlers and food manufactures to ensure the food they produce is safe for consumption. This course covers the main principles and practices so that food handlers understand how to comply with the HACCP guidelines and have the confidence to successfully implement food safety practices in the workplace.
Course Overview
  • Duties under current legislation
  • Need for a Hazard Analysis System
  • Principles and terminology
  • Identifying hazards
  • Identifying persons at risk
  • Analysing and evaluating the risk against severity
  • Control measures
Format of Delivery
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