Advanced Supervisory Skills

Name of Course
Advanced Supervisory Skills
Course Aim
Effective Leadership & Management of others is vital for the success of organisations and can build leadership capability and collegiate working relationships. The aim of this course is to combine key leadership and management topics and expand delegates leadership capabilities to become an inspiring leader for others.
Target Audience
This course is the next step for those that have undertaken the Core Development Skills training with BPI, or anyone who leads a team of people and wants to improve their management skills by working with others to share and identify best practice.
Course Objectives
The modern supervisor/team leader has a much greater role than ever before in improving the performance of individuals and the team, whilst at the same time dealing with the day to day staff issues that can escalate into major problems if not nipped in the bud. This course is a mixture of theory and experiential learning which aims to give delegates the knowledge and confidence to be able to undertake the activities demanded of modern supervisors.
Course Overview
  • Adopting different Leadership/Management Styles to meet the needs of different people
  • Managing emotions
  • The impact of behaviour on others
  • Creating a working atmosphere in which people feel accepted and recognised
  • Stages of team development
  • Team communication skills for effective problem solving
  • Cooperative working in a team
  • How to plan effectively and identify potential obstacles to the achievement of goals
  • How to address problems methodically
  • Practice problem solving in a team environment, using analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Developing yourself as a team leader
Format of Delivery
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