Statistical Process Control – SPC

Name of Course
Statistical Process Control - SPC (2 Days)
Course Aim
To provide delegates with an Introduction to SPC requirements and how to gather and interpret data, plot charts and review results.
Target Audience
All those involved in SPC measurement, monitoring and review.
Course Objectives
To gain the practical knowledge and skills to be able to implement the learning in your organisation.

  • Plot Variable and Attribute data
  • Understand causes of Variation
  • Implementation of Control Charts
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Control
Course Overview
  • SPC Introduction
  • Basic Steps in SPC
  • Selecting the right Control Chart
  • Control Chart Types
  • Sampling
  • Data Collection
  • Process Variation
  • Long Term and Short Term Variation
  • Normal Distribution
  • Histograms
  • Variable Charts
  • Run Charts
  • Standard Deviation
  • Control Limits
  • X Bar R Chart
  • Attribute Charts, c, u, p, np
  • Defect v Defective
  • Formula for Attribute Control Limits
  • Out of Control Conditions
  • Process Capability
Format of Delivery
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