Delivering Service Excellence

Name of Course
Delivering Service Excellence
Course Aim
This course aims to enable delegates to appreciate fully the impact of exceptional customer service in creating loyal customers and methods that can be used for achieving this, focusing on behaviour and attitudes.
Target Audience
The course is designed for those who deal directly with internal or external customers or manage the customer service process in your business.
Course Objectives
We all have an awareness of exceptional service because we are all customers. This course is thought provoking and focuses on the simple things that can make a big positive difference. The course is interactive which utilises shared experiences and research and pragmatic tools and tips.
Course Overview
  • Have an awareness of the case for exceptional customer service
  • Appreciate the impact of good and bad customer service
  • Have explored behavioural indicators which lead to exceptional service
  • Describe the importance of quality and standards
  • State the concept and importance of INTERNAL service excellence
  • Describe how to communicate and what skills are required to make this effective
  • Handle complaints positively and overcome service failure
Format of Delivery
Classroom and can be delivered virtually in 2 short sessions
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