Sales Skills

Name of Course
Sales Skills Training
Course Aim
The aim of this course is to provide delegates with the knowledge of selling and the sales cycle.
Target Audience
This course is suitable for delegates selling face to face or on the telephone who wish to improve their sales skills.
Course Objectives
During this course delegates will explore every aspect of the sales cycle. Starting with prospecting for clients, making the initial contact and building rapport through to identifying their needs through asking powerful questions and matching products or services to suit their requirements.

This course will also cover how to handle the most difficult objections to lead delegates into closing the sale. Finally during this course delegates will explore the importance of following up, finding repeat business and referrals.

Course Overview

Prospecting for clients

·        Sources for finding potential clients
·        Making contact
·        Qualifying your contact

The early stages

·        Building rapport and empathy
·        Powerful questions and active listening
·        Establishing their requirements

The presentation

·        Matching your product or service to their requirements
·        Identifying the benefits
·        Exploring your USP’s – Unique selling points

Overcoming objections

·        Digging deep and bringing objections
·        How to qualify an objection
·        Using the objection to close the sale

Closing the sale

·        Knowing when the time is right
·        Using different closing techniques
·        Understanding when to take a step back

Following up

·        Nurture your client
·        Establish opportunities for repeat business and referrals

Format of Delivery
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