Change Management


Name of Course
Change Management
Course Overview
Perhaps the true constant in any organisation is change. To remain effective and competitive organisations must constantly reshape, shift and flex. The course aims to equip managers with the attitude and skills to effectively manage change.
Target Audience
Anyone who is looking for change management training or who like to develop and improve their change management skills. Managers who need to bring about organisational change within their department or company.
Course Objectives
  • Describe the benefits of change and consequences of not changing
  • Explain the benefits of innovation and change for the organisation
  • Recognise the barriers to change and identify ways to overcome these
  • Identify the main components that are involved in planning change
  • Appreciate the impact of change on people
  • Use a model to support human reaction to change
  • Recognise the critical role of communication in successful change
  • Plan to implement, monitor and evaluate change
Course Content
  • Benefits of change
  • Circle of Control
  • Getting rid of gravity issues
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Internal and external drivers of change
  • Planning for change
  • Reactions to change
  • The Energy Investment Model
  • Barriers to change and strategies to overcome these
  • The leaders role during change
  • Involvement and communication to promote change