Presentation Skills

Name of Course
Professional Presentation Skills
Course Aim
This course is designed to give delegates confidence when delivering presentations. It will help raise the bar from good to great. Delegates will try out a variety of techniques to see which are the best fit to their personal style. This course will deal with everything from hostile questions to technology nightmares.
Target Audience
This course is suitable for people who have some experience of presenting and public speaking and want to take their skill level and confidence up to the next level.
Course Objectives
The ability to present powerfully and in a persuasive manner is a key business skill. A good presentation and a talented public speaker will not only impress a group of people, it will add a positive dimension to any decision-making process. A poor presentation will have the opposite effect!
Course Overview
  • Refreshing current presenting skills
  • Use a range of creative approaches
  • Refreshing old material
  • Ready to deal with awkward situations
  • Engaging your audience
  • Deliver polished and powerful presentations and have received feedback
Format of Delivery
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