Sales and Customer Service

Sales Skills – Handling Objections, Negotiating & Winning the Deal

  • Sales Fundamentals
  • Customer Needs
  • Selling Formula
  • How to Present Yourself Optimally Using Psychology
  • Modern Sales Techniques
  • Negotiating
  • Dealing with Objections

Giving Great Customer Service

  • No organisation can thrive or even survive for long without providing great customer service. This one-day course outlines why great customer service is so important, and what organisations should be doing to ensure that customers are their best marketing tool.

Dealing With Difficult Customers

  • The customer’s perception is their reality. This well-known phrase in customer service circles boils down to this: the customer might not actually be right, but they think or feel they are. If you want a happy resolution, you must take this reality into account when dealing with them.

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