Working Together – Equality & Diversity

Name of Course
Working Together - Equality & Diversity
Course Aim
  • Improvement of wellbeing and morale
  • Reduction in absence & turnover
  • Employee Engagement & motivation
  • Organisational performance
Target Audience
Equality and Diversity training is important for staff and managers. It is vital to get Equality and Diversity in the mind set of everyone in an organisation, especially as the majority of ways that people are offended is through others ignorance
Course Objectives
  • Knowledge of the legislative landscape on Equality to operate effectively.
Course Overview
The session includes the following content with practical hands-on exercises highlighting:

  • Managing the risks of the equality act 2010 - bullying & harassment - the legislation and practical application
  • Linking with Equal Opportunities & Dignity at work policies and practices
  • Identifying different types of discrimination and its' impact on Equal Opportunities
  • Recognising and challenging unacceptable behaviours
  • Giving constructive feedback